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Saturday, 2 July 2016

Tat Gone Ugly: Johnny Depp changes wife Amber Heard’s Tattoo on his Knuckle

Johnny Depp has changed the tattoo he inked for his near estranged wife, Amber Heard. Depp inked his arm in Amber last year, shortly after they married. He inked the knuckles on his right hand, "SLIM", her nickname. 

However, in past few weeks, he has altered the L to a C and the I to a U, now having it spelt as SCUM.

It's not the first time Johnny's tattoos turned ugly. Back in the day, when he was dating Winona Ryder, he had a tat that read, "WinonaForever." When that relationship fizzled, he changed it to "WinoForever," TMZ reports.

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