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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Schedule of broadcast of Documentary on fight against Terrorism & Insurgency

The Direcor of Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman has released the schedule of broadcast of documentary on fight against terrorism and insurgency. Continue to see the schedule…

In order to keep the public  informed of  its activities especially as regards to the fight against terrorism and insurgency, the Nigerian Army has produced six parts documentary of thirty minutes each which is scheduled to be broadcasted on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) as follows:

1. Monday 1st  August 2016 from 2230-2300hrs (10.30-11.00pm). Episode I-The Accomplishment of a Presidential Mandate  (Restoration of Normalcy).

2. Thursday 4th August from 1830-1900hrs (6.30-7.00pm). Episode II-Rising To The Challenges of a Presidential Mandate (Turning The Tide Against Boko Haram Terrorists) Part I.

3. Saturday 6th August 1430-1500hrs (2.30-3.00pm). Episode III which is Part 2 of Episode II. Please tune in and see how the Nigerian Army is doing the nation proud; by defeating Boko Haram terrorists and defending our territorial integrity. 

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