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Monday, 4 July 2016

Photos: Madonna visits Kenya to adopt a Child

American singer Madonna is in Kenya. She has been sharing updates from her visit on social media. One newspaper is speculating that she's in the country to adopt a child as she did in Malawi. The singer has been giving blow by blow account of her movement in Kenya in social media pages.

"Hugging Mama Sopfie. This Amazing Woman lives in a 10 by 10 dwelling in Kibera with her 14 children-2 adopted. Her husband killed in a political uprising. She's starting her own business with the help of @shofco. God Bless Her!

"Meeting with Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta, the first lady of Kenya! Learning about her Beyond Zero Campaign which targets eliminating maternal and child mortality in Kenya and hoping to join forces to promote Female Empowerment! Around the World!" She posted on Instagram.