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Thursday, 14 July 2016

Lepacious Bose laments for gaining 4-5kg, explains how it happened

Comedienne Lepacious Bose has lamented that she relapsed in the past two weeks and gained back 4-5kg, after she broke the rules of weightloss. However, she explained in details the reason behind the weight gain and what she’s doing to lose it. Continue reading…

"The bible says a little sleep a little slumber..... hmmm! So I was on a movie set for 2 werks, my nephews were also on vacation in Nigeria, so for 2-3 weeks I let go. No excercises, not too clean eating (cos on location all I ever eat is rice can't eat anything else on set for some reason, guess it's because I have always been choosy about food outside my home).

Then you rush home from location to be with the boys, you fry potatoe chips and plantain for the boys and you take one or two. You shoot late into the night and eat after 8pm. You feel tired and take a soft drink. 

You are at a luxury hotel to give the boys a special treat and you enjoy the buffet. Then like joke like joke a little here a little there you break the rules of weightloss, and at the end of it all, you climb the scale and like thunderbolt it hits you woooozaaa..... you have gained 4-5 kg. 

The tears roll down my eyes, I want to kick myself and beat myself at the same time, but the deed is done.....

Then the tiny still small voice of reason speaks to me, you lost 110kg, what is 4-5kg? Pick yourself up Bose, lace your booths and hit the road for your morning walk, you did it before you can do it again.
I look at my old pictures and say NEVER AGAIN, AM NOT GOING BACK THERE!

So it's detox time again guys, don't ever give up, dont ever loose focus, dont get tired of trying. It's not over until you win, lets kick the fat out together!"

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