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Thursday, 28 July 2016

Leo Mezie: Nollywood still solicits Support, he needs N10m

Nollywood actors are still soliciting support for one of their own, actor, Leo Mezie. Mr. Mezie’s kidney collapsed after he was wrongly diagnosed of malaria and typhoid, which led to wrong medication and his kidney packed up. The Labista actor needs N10million to save his life.

Actress, Ufoma McDermott took to social media this morning to further seek support for him. Nothing is too small, let’s save Leo Mezie.

"I crave your indulgence to permit me to be a bit of a nuisance to you this morning. I've come again. This time for #LeoMezie Thank you so very much for your responses to #MayowaAhmed. I so love my #UfuomaLovers. We are a family and can support each other in dire times. Please guys, Leo is a personal friend and colleague I spoke to him 2days ago.

His kidneys have collapsed. Doctors are amazed he can still talk and walk. He needs N10m to save his life. You know how we do...anything can be your seed. A bountiful reward is all we are assured. Leonard Mezie. GTB 0125346916 Sickness is unsolicited. No one prays for it. But if it comes, it's great to have a family to cry to who are willing and able to help you. Let's do this in love and kindness. Please," she said.


  1. God will help this young man.

  2. This lab technician will be eating & drinking in his house isn't it? Nonsense people!

  3. Nothing is too small. Pls help.

  4. Malaria of hell. God forbid evil.