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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Legendary filmmaker, Abate Mekura dies at 72

Legendary Ethiopian film director, Abate Mekuria, who is best known for his Shakespearean plays in Amharic has died aged 72. He died after long battle with cancer.

Mr Mekuria, who was known as the King of Ethiopian soap opera, was also a famous playwright and choreographer. 

Abate's most noted production was an adaptation of Othello.

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    It is a lesson for all Ethiopians . Regardless how much talent you got Ethiopians WOYANE tplf politicians will not appreciate one bit unless you create art the way the leaders like it. Woyane sued and destroyed Abate Mekuriya when he wrote and produced the play called “YELISTROW OPRA” FORCING HIM to re-write the play, renaming the title to “YEGODANAW OPRA” . His artist Ethiopian life Died RIGHT THEN.

    ALSO with so many of EThiopians free spirit died WHEN HE WAS VICTIMIZED LEFT HELPLESS


    Abate’s being victimized by sansoor was said to be the main reason for the begining of never ending brain drain in the last 25 years in Ethiopia. Since theN close to 10 million Ethiopians left Ethiopia to other countries. PLEASE VISIT THE WEBSITE http://www.ethiobest.com/ AND JUDGE for YOURSELF HOW MUCH ETHIOPIA’S ART JUST LIKE EVERYTHINGELSE IS SUFFERING UNDER TPLF WOYANE DESTRUCTION.