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Monday, 18 July 2016

Ivie Okujaye shares Photo of Post-Partum Body

Nollywood actress, Ivie Okujaye, who gave birth to her first child two weeks ago has apparently regained her pre-pregnancy body completely. She took to social media to narrate how her body has returned on its own and the experience of being a new mother. Continue reading...

"The human body is one of God's greatest works! Without any diets (yup, can't diet while nursing baby) & without any exercise whatsoever... I'm 79% back to my Pre-Pregnancy size & weight!  It's insane!!! The entire process of pregnancy is an amazing mind-blowing one!

"Not even science can explain most of it! It's all God. And I'm so grateful for how my preggy/baby journey has gone so far! Go Jesus, you Rock!!! #Avizzle #BabyGirl #WeekendSwim  #FitMom #NewMom," she said. 

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