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Former Wimbledon Champ, Mario Bartoli reveals she has mysterious Virus

French star, Marion Bartoli revealed the reason she was unable to play at this year’s Wimbledon invitational matches. According to her, she has a mystery illness that has caused her to lose weight and left her wit allergies.

She appeared on Thursday's This Morning where she told presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield that she caught a virus in India in February that has left her with severe allergies to everything from food to electrical items.

She said: 'My body started refusing more and more things - anything from food to electrical items. I can't type on my phone without gloves, I can't wear my jewellery as I get a bad skin reaction.

'I can't even have a tissue on my face as my body reacts, it is horrendous. My life is nightmare right now, I wouldn't wish what I am going through on anyone. I even need to wash with mineral water as I can't use tap water. Marion explained that following blood tests, doctors have confirmed she has an 'internal virus they can't name'.

She has looked a shadow of the athlete she was when she won the coveted Wimbledon title in 2013 and people took to Twitter to speculate that she must have anorexia. 

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