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Biodun Okeowo’s son, Ayomide graduates from Secondary School (Photos)

The teenage son of actress, producer, Biodun Okeowo, Ayomide has graduated from Secondary School. He was one of the students, who were sent-off from Topmost International Schools in Lagos State on Thursday. The actress, popularly called, Tolani Osinrin also had her daughter graduate from Junior to Senior Secondary in the same school. She took to Instagram to pen congratulatory message for them.  Continue reading…

"Congratulations my Joy....Secondary school is done with....Omg! Tears of joy! He's of good conduct...I'm so proud of you son...you have made me proud today.. Congratulations to my damsel, My Love on your graduation to Senior Sec School....I pray God be with you and make you a virtuous woman as you grow," she said.

The elated actress wrote words of prayers for her children and their friends.

"AyDear Heavenly Father, We come to you with thankful hearts for all those near and dear to us who are graduating from high school this session. We thank you for giving each graduate the talents, abilities and self discipline required for this wonderful accomplishment. We are grateful to You for providing the teachers, mentors, coaches and and above all parents who have taught them, nurtured them and challenged them along the way.

"Add heavenly wisdom and discernment to their knowledge. Infuse their ambitions and dreams with Your love. Help them to desire Your good way for their future. Remind them that you are only a prayer away when they meet obstacles, heartbreaks and challenges.

"Give them a desire to know more about You. May they find you in the Scriptures, in the joy of new love, in the gathering of Your people, in the beauty of Your creation and in the strength of their youth.
And now may Your blessings be theirs as they begin a new life full of joy and promise. Amen," she said. 

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