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Monday, 25 July 2016

Audu Maikori explains how Macroeconomics Professor endorsed Nigerian Music

A Nigerian popular artiste manager, Chocolate City Record label former CEO, Audu Maikori has explained how a Professor of Macroeconomics endorsed Nigerian music industry. Read on!

"The man beside me is Professor Roberto Rigobond he is a Professor of Macroeconomics at @mitsloan and considered an authority in the field globally . He is absolutely funny and one of the best lecturers Ive ever had..cos he made macroeconomics seem like secondary school economics! When we met and I told him where I was from he exclaimed "Nigeria!!!

You guys are producing some of the best music anywhere in the world!" .. And showed me his Naija music playlist on his phone( while I was beaming around the class with pride ) He suddenly burst into "You must chop my money ! Chop my money oh!!!!! and that sealed it for me!!! It was very refreshing to hear that the narrative around nigeria for once was not corruption, poverty or our flailing economy rather it was about creativity, talent and enterprise.

This past weekend, Nigerian musicians shut down the Barclays center in New York, featuring the best of the best Nigerian talent proving that we have all we need to be a global phenomenon. Kudos to @pauloo2104 and his team!! Point is today whoever you are ,whatever you do, go out there and do something to make Nigerians proud of you!

Let's no longer ask what Nigeria has done for us, but ask what we can do for Nigeria....ultimately that's our identity and no amount of blue and red passports will change what flows through our blood. Be Nigerian," he said. 

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