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Amber Rose’s reaction to Alton & Philando’s death will touch your heart

As top American entertainers are lending voices to the fatal shooting and killing of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, model, Amber Rose has penned her touching reaction on her Instagram page. Continue reading…

"I woke up this morning to my beautiful son with such a heavy heart. I grabbed my baby and kissed him, hugged him, told him how beautiful his skin and hair is and let him know that one day he will be able to change the world and I will love him and accept him no matter what.

"I stayed off of social media all day today to spend every waking second of my day off with my boy and loved him up. Now that he’s warm in his bed it is so bittersweet that I have my baby next to me and other women are losing their babies left and right. I’m filled with such sadness.

"Alton and Philando were somebodies babies and they had babies themselves. Kiss ur babies tonight no matter how old they are and tell them you love them more then anything! Because at this rate we don’t know how much time we have left with them," she said. 

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