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Sunday, 31 July 2016

13-yr-old girl suffers burns on face & hand trying older brother’s E-Cigarette

A 13-year-old girl, Arianne Anderson has suffered burns to her face and hands after trying out her older brother's e-cigarette.  The girl from Utah was attempting to test out her 16-year-old brother's e-cigarette when it exploded in her face. 

'I just put the battery in and twisted it back on and was getting ready to push the button, and it exploded,' Arianne told FOX 40.

Her mother, Amanda Lee, told the station that she'd 'never seen something so horrid' after Arianne ran into her room screaming for help. Arianne was covered in blood and black soot from the e-cigarette exploding. 

She was rushed to the hospital where doctors told the family that the teenager will heal soon, and there's an 80 per cent chance she won't need reconstructive surgery, according to Fox.

Lee told the station: 'The satisfaction of the nicotine, or the many available flavors they offer to make it so enticing to the adolescents, it's absolutely not worth it.'

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