Friday, 10 June 2016

South African woman fined $10K for making hate comments on Facebook

 A South African court on Friday ordered a woman to pay 150,000 rand ($9,941) to charity after she was found guilty of hate speech for referring to blacks as "monkeys", News24 reported.

The ruling African National Congress (ANC) brought charges against former estate agent Penny Sparrow after she caused public outrage by saying on her Facebook page that blacks made beaches dirty like "wild monkeys".

"Her words convey the message both explicitly and implicitly to the reader that black people are not worthy of being described as human beings," Umzinto Equality Court Magistrate Irfaan Khalil was quoted as saying on News24.

Khalil ordered Sparrow to pay the fine within 60 days. Sparrow's daughter, who represented her in court, said her mother was too sick to attend and fears for her life.


  1. Hi level immature act which i called Racism

  2. People don't think...

  3. Someone can only go free from such comments in Nigeria.