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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Rapper Detail sues Drake for beating him up after turning down his Job Offer

Drake is being sued by rapper/producer, Detail for sending his bodyguard to beat him after he turned down his (Drake’s) job offer.

Detail, who has just filed a lawsuit against Drake is claiming the famous Canadian offered him a plum job back in 2014 as his exclusive producer. However, Detail didn't want to be tied to one guy, so he declined.

According to the lawsuit, the rejection didn't go well with Drake, who became angry, which lingered for some time. Detail claims in June 2014, Drake invited him to his Calabasas estate, on the pretext of working together again.  

Detail says he arrived at 2 am and was met by Drake's bodyguard, Chubbs, who coldcocked him and broke his jaw.

Detail says during the beating, Chubbs yelled, "I will beat all your asses, including your bitches. I don't give a f***. I will hit you again. Do you think Drake is soft? You think Drake's a punk?"

The producer says Drake set him up for the beating, and he wants lots of cash.

Source: TMZ

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