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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Police arrests Kylie Jenner's admirer for ramming her gate

Kylie Jenner has an admirer so desperate to get at her, he's tried to bust through her security gate multiple times. Law enforcement sources said the uninvited man showed up at The Oaks, the gated community where Kylie, Khloe and Rob Kardashian all live and told security guards he was there for a meeting with Kylie.

When guards turned him away, the man rammed into the gate, cracked it and then sped away, TMZ reports.

He returned a couple weeks later and pulled the same routine, once again cracking the gate and fleeing, but it wasn't a clean getaway.

Security cameras captured his license plate, and cops tracked him down.  They interviewed the guy, and he admitted to ramming the gate out of frustration because the guards were "rude."

He's now been faced with 2 misdemeanor charges of vandalism.

Source: TMZ

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