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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Photos: Butcher’s Iron Hook pierces Boy’s eyes to his Brain

An iron hook used by butchers has hooked the eyes of 12-year-old, Md Baba Qureshi, from Hyderabad, India.  The boy was miraculously saved by Doctors was playing at a butchery when the hook - used to hang up mutton in traditional Indian meat stores suddenly pierced his left eye and entered his brain.

The thick rod had entered his orbit cavity but his eyeball remained intact. It had also penetrated 15cm deep into his brain. He remained conscious throughout but his eye was bleeding profusely and he was crying in pain.

While his family quickly rushed him to Osmania General Hospital, in Hyderabad, there was a risk he could either lose his eye or be brain damaged.

Dr Premjit Ray, head of the neurosurgery department at Osmania General Hospital, said: 'The boy came to our hospital in severe pain with a hook in his eye and bleeding but he was conscious. 

'We quickly did a CT Scan and X-ray and then we conducted surgery for one hour to remove the rod.

'We did not need to open the brain in the end as there was no bleeding inside the brain. He could’ve been blinded for life but he was OK.

'If the family had waited any longer it could’ve been a lot more serious but they were quick in their actions and that surely helped save the boy’s eye,' he told MailOnline.

The hospital conducted the surgery, on June 6, free of charge due to the financial situation of the family but it would have cost close to £1,000 (100,000 rupees).

The boy has recovered well and is due to be discharged this week.