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Monday, 13 June 2016

Lesbianism is Killing Female Football in Nigeria –NFF VP

The First Vice President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Seyi Akinwunmi, has revealed that the development of female football in Nigeria was being hampered by lesbianism practice.

While suggesting a total overhaul of the women’s football system in Nigeria, Akinwunmi said many problems were being overlooked while the game nosedived in the country.

He said, "My passion for female football is as great as it is for grassroots football. But in reality, there are lots of problems with developing female football. It costs more and returns less. There are fewer players and less interest in female football than male football. But we have no excuse.

"Lesbianism kills teams. People are afraid to talk about it. The coaches take advantage of the girls, so there is much more to build in female football. Last year, I think the most problematic person to the chairman of female league was Seyi Akinwumi, I launched several attacks just to ensure things worked accordingly. So, I decided that look, if it’s so difficult for you, let us show you how it’s done.”

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