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Lamborghini engulfs in flames on major road

A Lamborghini has engulfed in flames on a motorway near Wuhan, China. The owner, who remained unidentified, had just bought this secondhand supercar and was on its way home to show it to his family and sort out relevant paperwork when the accident occurred, reported the People's Daily

The cars, which boast a maximum speed of 340kmh, can cost up to £500, 000 when bought new. Reports said the man had paid 100,000 Yuan (£10,000)

According to the report, the motorist saw thick black smoke beginning to billow from the rear of the car and then from under the bonnet. 

Pulling over, the lucky driver just got out in time only to watch his car burst into flames. The car had a spontaneous combustion, local media claimed. 
Motorway traffic police and the fire brigade arrived quickly on the scene. The male driver sustained no injuries.

The man, named only as Wu, said: 'I just bought this second hand Lamborghini for over 1,00000 yuan (£10,000) few days ago.' 

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