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Monday, 13 June 2016

Kim Kardashian calls on U.S to change gun acquisition law after Pulse Nightclub Massacre

After the terror shooting at a gay nightclub, Pulse in Orlando, U.S, Reality TV star, Kim Kardashian West has called on the government of United States to change its law that makes it easy for terrorists and other dangerous people to acquire guns and kill. She said this while tweeting condolence massage to the people affected by the terror attack.

"I'm truly at a loss for words. To everyone in Orlando affected by this massacre, my thoughts, love, & prayers are with u

"Under current federal law people on terror watch lists can legally buy guns – this is called the Terror Gap. We have repeatedly called on Congress to close this loophole that makes it easy for dangerous people to get guns and kill.

"Nothing has changed!!!! People continue to senselessly die. When will these gun laws be changed?!?!?!?!!!!?????," the wife of rapper Kanye West said. 

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