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Monday, 27 June 2016

Hyena bites teenage Boy sleeping in Wildlife Park

A 15-year-old South African boy has been bitten by a hyena while he was asleep in a tent at the world famous Kruger National Park, wildlife officials have said.  The boy woke up to find a hyena around his jaw and the animal dragged him by the collar of his pyjama top before sitting on him,local media reports.

South Africa's willdlife agency, SANParks, said the boy was rushed to hospital where he received medical treatment.  The hyena appeared to have crawled through a hole in a parameter fence to enter the park, it added. 

Meanwhile, Game park officials in South Africa have urged visitors to be careful while visiting wildlife parks.

"People must be aware at all times that there are wild animals around them and they must make sure that their tents are properly closed," SANParks spokesman William Mabasa said, AFP news agency reports.

The boy underwent plastic and reconstructive surgery to his mouth and jaw following the attack at the Crocodile Bridge Camp.

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