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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Hate, Intolerance as the World begins to lose its HUMANITY – By Lydia Forson

Some days I’m too emotionally exhausted and mentally weak to write about what’s going on in this world.

I’m so overcome with emotion that I can’t find the right words to describe how I feel.

Today, or rather these past few days since the Orlando Shooting I’ve been feeling like this.
When I finally gathered enough strength to write, I stopped, mostly because I wasn’t ready to deal with the usual banter the conversation comes with. And more than anything I wanted to avoid the hate filled comments on my wall like I’d seen else where.

I just don’t know how you can fight for human rights and fight against the discrimination of an entire race yet think it ok to opress and call for the death of others for being as “different” as others see you?

How can there be so many religious gatherings nearly each day promoting love and peace, and yet have so many people filled with hate in the world.


When did we become so filled with hate?

When did we lose our humanity?

What happened to make us so angry at the world?

I need answers.

Thankfully I found a post on Facebook from a good friend that sums up nearly half of my thoughts on this matter.

We cannot coexist.

We cannot tolerate.

That’s where the world is at now.

We cannot coexist. We cannot tolerate. That’s where the world is at now. We are individuals ;each with our own sets of beliefs but those personal and (or) religious beliefs do not make it ok to kill other people. If you cannot tolerate it, move as far away from it as possible but do not kill others.
What has been achieved by the killings? You cannot kill everyone whose beliefs or actions differ from yours! You just cannot. I am sorry for all who lose/have lost their lives just because they did not fit into someone else’s beliefs. So sorry. Religious texts preach tolerance.

We parade “judgement day”, so who appointed people judges and executioners? If you do thuis, isn’t that usurping God’s powers? Are you not disobeying his “thou shalt not kill”? Hypocrites, liars, cowards. I never can understand these especially when the perpetrators kill themselves afterwards?
If you were going to kill yourself, why kill others too? Coz if you “go”, then you would be free from work hat you do not want to witness.

Here’s the thing, like it or not we’re all different one way or the other, no two human beings are ever going to agree on absolutely everything.

We’re separated by race, ethnicity, reglion, country, language, etc.

So if for any reason you can’t tolerate this diverse world we live in and think killing people off will solve your problems, then you’re totally off track.

Because you can’t change the world, the only thing you should be trying to change is how to live in this great big world you find yourself; it’s the only thing that will remain constant even after you seize to exist.

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