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American Airline Plane makes Emergency landing after flame shot out from engine

An American Airline plane from Boston to Miami made an emergency landing in New York after flames shot out of the engine and the aircraft shook. The situation was said to be so terrible that passengers thought they were going to die in plane crash.

Travelers reported hearing loud bangs around 30 minutes into the flight from Boston to Miami, and said the cabin filled with smoke after they saw flames shooting out of the left engine due to a mechanical problem.

One of the flight attendants began to sob before the Airbus A321, carrying 180 passengers, landed safely at New York’s John F Kennedy Airport while travelers were in the brace position, they said.

Passenger E. Mauricio Castellanos, a University of Florida dentistry professor who was traveling with his wife and five-year-old son on Sunday night’s flight, told the Boston Globe that travelers ‘were just waiting for the worst’.

'I said goodbye to my wife, and was holding my son. We really thought we were going to die,' he said.

Diego Romero, who was traveling with his pregnant wife, aunt, and 18-month-old daughter, told the Boston Globe the cabin crew member who was crying over the Tannoy made passengers even more fearful.

‘She was a nervous wreck,’ he said. ‘As a passenger, you hear somebody who is supposed to be in charge being so worried and crying, my wife turned to me and said, "I think it’s worse than we think, and they don’t want us to know."

Passengers were told to assume the brace position when the plane landed in New York. Despite passengers reporting smoke in the cabin, the oxygen masks did not deploy.

Romero was unhappy with the way American Airlines treated passengers, saying they offered food and drinks but did not have a ‘public relations person’ on hand to calm them down.

The plane was taken out of service and passengers waited around six hours to continue their journey to Miami on a replacement plane, which took off early Monday morning.

Source: Boston Globe/Mail Online

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