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Saturday, 28 December 2013

99 Fake Designer Clothe Sellers Arrested in Spain

Fake designer clothes are sold in Spain, but the authorities do something tangible to stop it. Police arrested 99 people, including two imams, over the sale of 235 tonnes of fake designer clothes and shoes in Spain. Counterfeit items were made in illegal factories in Portugal and then shipped to distributors in north-western Spain. Sales generated profits of 5.5m euros ($7.5m, £4.6m) over two years.
Part of the money was held at two mosques in the cities of Ourense and Xinzo de Limia.

Among those arrested was the imam of the mosque of Xinzo de Limia, who is suspected to be one of the ringleaders.The mosque received nearly 100,000 euros ($140,000, £83,000) in donations from the ring.

The imam at the mosque in the nearby city of Ourense was also detained. Police suspect him of helping to launder money earned by the ring.

Police seized more than a million fake items in Spanish cities including Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Malaga. They also confiscated 60 bank cards, several weapons and software containing the logos of more than 200 registered brands.


  1. Ds isn't funny. So pipo buy fake things in europe too

  2. Isn't in spain only...fake things are sold in europe...that's y you need to go to a store,super mat & trusted places wen u want to shop abroad

  3. D products might be manufactured in diff countries n brot in

  4. Hmmmmm! Re u sure 9ja guyz re not behind ds

  5. In nig its hard to see original designer wears buh in europe its hard to see fake no matta wat unless if u visit africa/nig mkt wia our own brodas re seling fake

  6. I've falen victim bef.I bougt fings abroad I cm & dscoverd aftr smtym dat wia fake